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In today's software-driven world, the need for high-quality, efficient coding is paramount.

Early leverages Generative AI to accelerate development, enhance code quality, and speed up time-to-market. Our AI-driven technology generates automated, comprehensive, cost-effective working tests, catching bugs early, expanding code coverage, and improving overall quality. Founded by seasoned tech experts from leading companies like Yahoo, Couchbase, DayTwo, and EY Technology, Early is more than just a platform–it's a partner that understands your coding challenges and turbocharges your SDLC. Focus on innovation while we ensure swift, top-quality product delivery.

Co - Founder, CTO (left)

Lior Froimovich

Lior Froimovich is a seasoned engineering and product leader with extensive experience at EYGlobal, where he has driven innovative engineering and product initiatives around sectors and Data. As VP of R&D at DayTwo, Mobli, and Odysi, Lior has demonstrated his ability to build teams from scratch, and lead high-impact projects. A serial entrepreneur, Lior has founded two startups and remains an active coder. He holds 2 degrees, Computer Science and Mechanical engineering from Technion–Israel Institute of Technology.
Lior's expertise and hands-on approach are pivotal in shaping Early's technological vision.

Meet Co-Founders Sharon Barr and Lior Froimovich of Early, Innovators Behind EarlyAI: The AI Dev Tool for Automatically Generating Working Unit Tests in Your IDE
Co - Founder, CEO (right)

Sharon Barr

With over 25 years of experience, Sharon Barr has led product and engineering teams in Silicon Valley and Israel. At EY Global, Sharon spearheaded innovative product development across sectors like Life Science, Trade, and Sustainability. As VP of Engineering at Bina (acquired by Roche), Sharon developed cancer genomic products. At Couchbase (NASDAQ:BASE), Sharon was the first VP of Engineering, growing the company to 200 employees and 400 customers. At Yahoo, Sharon led the development of AI products, well before it was called AI. Sharon's expertise in building and motivating high-performing teams is the corner stone of Early's success. Sharon holds a CS degree from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA from SJSU.


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