Code smarter. Move faster.

Generate as many as 20 unit tests
in 2 minutes, or 1,200 green unit tests
in 3 hours with Early.

Generate 30 working unit tests on your project in less than a minute, or 900 green unit tests in 30 minutes with Early.

Less false positives and bugs slipping and rippling through, disrupting your SDLC. Release higher quality products, early.
With minimal effort.


Discover how Early can automatically generate high-quality unit tests to save you time and enhance code coverage

Automatically generate working tests

Generating working tests with a click of a button.

Generate tests from your working environment (Code or Extension)

Easily generate tests without leaving your code environment. Use Code lens or Context menu.

Go to tests - view your tests

Easily navigate to the newly generated tests, review or make them better.

Generate high-quality tests
Mocks, Happy path, Edge cases.

Generate high-quality tests that include mocks and cover various scenarios such as happy paths and edge cases. Green tests enhance coverage, while red tests may identify potential bugs.

Generate tests that increase coverage

See the impact of tests on your code coverage, ensuring your work makes a difference.


Learn how Early helps you build better products faster with increased code coverage, reduced bug impact, and prevention of code regressions

Lift code

Produce higher-quality code and release higher-quality products, faster, without the overload.

Improve code

Achieve significantly broader and deeper code coverage, ensuring essential functions are thoroughly tested.

Reduce the impact of bugs

Catch bugs earlier with comprehensive unit tests, minimizing the ripple effect across your SDLC.

Increase the velocity of your development

Less code developed, more bugs caught early, faster releases.

Get in Early

Try us to start lifting the quality of your code with minimal effort.


Find answers to commonly asked questions and get the information you need to make the most out of Early

What is Early?

Early lifts the quality of your code, with minimal effort by automatically generating and maintaining verified and validated unit tests so you can focus on what you do best: coding, and launching high-quality products. Using generative AI, Early can generate a significant number of green unit tests in minutes.

How does it work?

Once your project is onboarded simply start generating unit tests by clicking the generate test option next to the chosen function or class. You can generate tests in 1 of three methods on public method/functions:

  1. The play button in Early’s UI,
  2. Code lens above the method name on the code editor,
  3. Via right-click on the method name on the code editor.

Coverage will be available on Early’s UI once refreshed automatically and continuously grows as you add tests.

What Technologies do you support?

Currently we support TypeScript and Jest, running on VSCode. Stay tuned for more capabilities soon.

How do I get started with Early?

Install the Early extension via VSCode Marketplace. Register and authenticate your name and email address, onboard your projects, and start generating unit tests by simply clicking on Early. Code is aggregated from your IDE and can automatically generate 30 unit tests in less than a minute. Early shows you the depth of coverage and the quality of your code (combined together, this is called the ‘Early Quality Score’), which is based on the number of green and red unit tests. As an experimental feature, Early also generates failing tests for you to review, sometimes it’s very simple to convert them to working green tests. Getting started

I have an issue. Where do I report it?

You can contact us via this GitHub link or via email at to report the issue you’re facing and we’ll work on it as soon as we can.

Do I have to pay to join the preview?

For a limited time, Early’s Beta is free for ‘Early Adopters’! You can use it to generate up to 200 unit tests for no cost.

I have something else to say.

We’d love to hear from you - whether it’s a question or feedback or a suggestion. Reach out to us at and ask away.